A Gift

Christmas is a time of giving gifts but it’s also a time of receiving them.  Of course this reminds me and points to the amazing, ultimate gift of all.  Through the selfless obedience of Jesus we are safe and saved for all eternity.  It’s almost beyond comprehension that we cannot earn it, study for it, pay for it, work for it or deserve it, we simply accept and believe it.  A couple of days ago a colleague was interested in getting gifts for her children from the ‘Book man’ (the guy who leaves boxes of cards, toys and of course the novelty singing christmas toys everyone has to try out!).  As she would be off the following day when payment was due, I gave her the money. She would pay me back at the end of the week, it was only £12 and it was money I had and didn’t need for anything anyway. This morning she was straight into my room and left the money as well as a lovely box of chocolates! It surprised me just how appreciative she was, are such small favours so unexpected? It also surprised me how long I spent trying to work out how I deserved the chocolates, after all, I was only lending the money, I hadn’t bought the gifts for her children.  How difficult the simple concept of a free gift can be!


About asharedadventure

I'm 37yrs old, Bangor born and bred. After working as a midwife I left the NHS to set up a business of private preparation for birth and beyond sessions with couples at home. I love to read and there's nothing better than chilling out with a friend in a cafe, a nice cappuccino and good chat:-)
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