Sticking with the interfaith theme… I was moved recently by the film, ‘The Imam and The Pastor’, about 2 men who were literally killing each other’s families and friends in Nigeria, and came to a point where, following the calls of their faith, each decided they had to find a way to Peace. (I won’t ‘go on’ here, but website info on my blog if you want it).

I find the idea of pacifism fantastic, but can’t quite see how we ‘get there from here’. This film challenged me a lot…even to the point that I actually did preach on peace on the first Sunday of Advent (my Quaker friends would be proud!) – it was the theme of the Isaiah reading, but I had wanted to avoid such an ‘impossible subject’ . Hopefully, even in small ways, we can be all on our way to the Angels proclamation, ‘peace on earth, goodwill to all!’


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  1. Cate says:

    I myself have struggled with the ‘how do we get there from here’ question about pacifism…but (and this is in keeping with our interfaith dialogue) I found peace (as it were) with the question when I read something the Buddhists have said:

    “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

    Which really drove it home for me…there’s no way to get there if we don’t live it!

  2. drgbrown says:

    Until we find it, count me a fan of Pastor Trocme’s “little moves.” I find peace in being called to do what I can rather than focus on what I can’t — also in the jewish tradition that my next move is what tips the balance. That I have within me. I can choose whether my next moment, next interaction or inaction, will be one of peace. peace

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