letting Christmas be Christmas

I remember last year trying very hard to avoid christmas carols, decorating trees or cookies, setting up lights, or be in a ‘christmas like’ spirit. I don’t know what’s different this year, maybe this blog, but I have allowed Christmas to be Christmas. I am trying to remember the beauty of the season, to be with family, to watch children tear into the presents, and to sip wine under the Christmas lights.

I love that I walked by the neighboring apartment doors on Friday, one group of friends was setting up the Christmas tree, while another neighbor was entertaining friends and laughter pouring from the cracks in the door. As I walked through the Target parking lot to purchase tools to make my gifts for others I saw Christmas trees tied to roofs of cars. My imagination saw the little familes inside buying lights and this years ornament to place on the tree together. The family didn’t have to be perfect but I knew that whatever it was I was hoping that it was working, even for just a moment.

I am seeing with new eyes this Advent season. I see the meaning of the community and hope and a chance to take a deep breath and remember that it this time is now…and it’s all happening.


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One Response to letting Christmas be Christmas

  1. Yeah.
    Thank you for that honesty.
    And it is what it is.
    Whatever that is, it is, even if it is different for each of us, different each season.
    Shoot — different each week.
    But, thanks for your touch. I’ve been in a funk, and you helped.

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