I have a bit of an Amazon habit.  I wish there was somewhere official that I could go to get that off my chest – but here will have to suffice.  I buy non-fiction (mostly) – if I could read for a living I would be one very happy hamster (if I could pick my own books – dream jobs don’t have to be realistic!)  The result is shelves with books on them collecting dust.  I don’t like dust much.  So I was reading about this thing called BookCrossing ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/ )  where you can ‘release books into the wild’ by leaving them in a public place like a railway station and then track them to see if people have picked them up! The UK has 4,487 books in the wild. Ireland has 77 (Northern Ireland isn’t listed!). I thought I might do that for Christmas – as a Christmas gift to someone – leave at least one of my (treasured!) books somewhere for someone to pick up – since Christmas is a time for lighting the place up – how about ‘enlightening’ – by spreading some knowledge?

Now to decide which book to pick?  (This might take me some time…. and there may be some tears!)

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5 Responses to enlightenment

  1. martimc says:

    I’ve made my choice – ‘McCarthy’s Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland’ – alright so its not the most enlightening book I could have picked – but it made me laugh so hard when I read it (and Christmas is also a time to spread joy!!) – and I learned a lot about Ireland that I didn’t know before. So I will be releasing it into the wild somewhere in Co. Antrim as soon as my ‘release kit’ arrives from BookCrossings! Happy hunting!

  2. crookedshore says:

    Brilliant…from a true Amazonian woman. I haven’t read that but my brother in law has and he loved it. So how about some clues as to where.

    BTW we’re getting new bookshelves installed tonight. Might need to release a book or two as well.

  3. martimc says:

    It’ll be released into the wild in a couple of days! Let’s hope its not mistaken for an ‘unattended item’ and treated to the old ‘controlled explosion’ thing!!! I’ll have to be careful where I leave it – probably in a ‘big shopping centre in Ballymena-hi’ !!!

    And btw – I would most definitely be the SMALLEST Amazonian woman in history don’t you think?!

  4. virtualmethodist says:

    Knowing a little about the surgery that Amazons underwent I think we should stop this train of discussion now… Although getting me to give up some of my books might require surgery!

  5. martimc says:

    Why do we get so attached to our books? I’ve even bought books that I had previously borrowed from the library – only to have them sit on my shelf! The environmental cost is something I haven’t quite come to grips with either! An i-pod for reading anyone? (I’m sure there’s one out there – but its probably not in my budget!)

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