There is illness in our house just now. Over the weekend, both my wife and our dog were smitten with an unpleasant bug that seems to be doing the rounds, leaving me on mop and bucket duty. Cue sleepless nights.

Which found me standing in our back garden at 2:30 am on Sunday, looking up.

We live near the city, where light pollution scatters through the sky. I stood with my back to Lisburn, and found my breath taken away by the stars I could see.

I don’t understand. Ordinarily you can’t see so many so well from our garden — there’s just too much sodium-orange glare. Whatever freak atmospheric conditions brought the stars out yesterday morning, I stood and I remembered our Creator, and the majesty of his handiwork.

Awed and humbled, I wished the moment would continue, but of course there were other demands on my attention. Think, though, how God abandoned the heavens to get up close and personal with us. It makes the beautiful even more beautiful.


About marramgrass

I do a lot. I hope some of it has value. Most of the time I'm Volunteer Co-ordinator with a network of Christian faith-based community projects. Outside of that I write and I photograph, mostly for myself but from time to time for other people as well. Something I've discovered over recent years is that when I think I know the answer, that's generally when I don't. Here I hope to learn from and be inspired by this little hint of community.
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