timing and traffic

I am quite a proficient liar… When it comes to ‘planning’ my time I convince myself daily and with great ability that I can and will fit a quart into a pint pot. The result is that I feel frustrated and rushed. It’s quite appropriate then that this post is 1 week late but nevertheless.

As I went to visit some folk last Monday, having once again left no space between appointments for travel time I was feeling agitated with the glacial pace of Belfast traffic. I hadn’t arranged to see the person I was calling out to so really there was no need to feel under pressure but anyhow, it was my schedule to keep and so subconciously I willingly accepted the pressure. When I arrived 30 minutes later than I had planned only to find they weren’t there anyhow, I felt peeved. And so, once again, I asked God what was the point of it all really. Rushing here and there when it seemed to matter little to others. I walked back to the car and remembered the lady who lived a few houses around the corner. I had promised to call round but as she and I both knew, getting her at home was usually impossible. I tried anyhow and as I pulled up only to see her waiting at the front door I was quite astounded. She spent the next hour pouring her heart out about a family member who is seriously ill. I was able to offer little other than my presence but it was one of those times where I felt that this was an appointment that God had timed perfectly. My brief prayer (?) had been instantly answered. I wonder if I were a shepherd or a wise man would I have left my schedule open enough to see Jesus? I wonder if I will learn to do it daily?

This exercise of observing during advent is really tough but so rewarding – thanks for the discipline of this temporary community!

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