Simple but powerful beauty

A couple of nights ago I attended a womens meeting at my church and throughout the night my gaze kept returning to the small but pretty bunches of flowers arranged on each table.  On leaving I was handed a handful to bring home (don’t ask what type they were !).  As I didn’t expect them to last past the next day, a small paper cup half filled with water took on the role of a vase. The yellows and oranges were so vibrant against the cardboard cup and dim, plain kitchen that they practically had a glow, you could say they radiated with God’s energy.  It is amazing that God blesses us with the ability to enjoy beauty for beauty’s sake.  There is no functional purpose in such beauty. This realisation has stayed with me and even though it feels like I’m surrounded by shops, houses, buildings and roads, pulled down into this world and distant from God, when I look around and take the time to notice, there is always a blade of grass, flower, plant or tree that bursts through the grey cement.  A promise of God’s presence that nurishes an excitement and expectation that there is more of God to come.


About asharedadventure

I'm 37yrs old, Bangor born and bred. After working as a midwife I left the NHS to set up a business of private preparation for birth and beyond sessions with couples at home. I love to read and there's nothing better than chilling out with a friend in a cafe, a nice cappuccino and good chat:-)
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