laughter on the school run

I’m working from home today, the work isn’t much fun, but it requires peace and quiet. The advantage though, is that I got to spend an extra hour in bed because Ade did the early shift and brought our daughter to her Belfast school.

After they had left, CJ, my son climbed into bed beside me. We dozed together for about 10 mins, we wrestled for 15. Breakfast was a nice leisurely affair. He built a house of Christmas cards and we laughed as he placed one of his football cards inside.

The short drive to school was filled with laughter too.

  • Guessing what animals our companions would be if we lived in Lyra’s world in the Golden Compass.
  • The pup crossing at the school who kept tripping over his enormous ears that dragged along the ground.
  • Struggling to remember the third member of the Top Gear Trinity (Jeremy Clarkson), and at how the Stig fell asleep in a lecture on racing skills in last night’s show.

A blessed Monday morning.

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3 Responses to laughter on the school run

  1. virtualmethodist says:

    Is the Golden Compass any good? Not joining the boycott because of its atheistic leanings!!??

  2. crookedshore says:

    for the rant check out crookedshore in the blogroll. This site is too civilised for madness.

  3. virtualmethodist says:

    Thanks… And its not a rant at all… At least not by my standards!

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