Dancing in the house of the Rising Sun

The saturday market in Chiang Mai starts about 4 in the afternoon and runs till around 1030 or so. It’s a kaleidoscope of colours,smells,people and every possible product under the sun- from silks to shakes and back again. In the midst of the madness one little moment of surreal beauty.

An old Thai women, 75 if she was a day with wonderful leathery skin had set up a huge stereo beside her little stall. From the stereo blared a very bad instrumental version of ‘The house of the rising sun’  and she was dancing her heart out beside it. Everyone stopped and looked and smiled and she smiled back. It was a thing of beauty and grace in the midst of chaos.

Guess your never to old to dance.


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3 Responses to Dancing in the house of the Rising Sun

  1. wf61 says:

    Mark; you must have left Belfast early this morning to get to Chiang Mai for half four!

  2. sanctusboscus says:

    I did leave belfast early …… early september that is. Hope the new job is going well. I’ll be back middle of next week.


  3. wf61 says:

    Job going well. Big challenge and big opportunity in equal measure.

    Bon voyage for the journey home.

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