a flashlight moment

Maybe it was somewhere in reading Os Guiness quote John’s words about living in the light and no longer being able to live in the dark, or watching Bruce Springsteen sing “This Little Light of Mine,” or CS Lewis’ tool-shed analogy coming back around again that it hit me.  Maybe the spiritual world looks dark for the same reason the woods does to a little scout with a good flashlight!

I learned long ago not to use an artificial light for walking unless absolutely necessary because it blinds you to everything not in its light.  You can see your little spot to put your foot and the rest of the world is cloaked in darkness.  It happens sitting by the fire as well.  The bigger and brighter the fire, the darker everything else in the world appears.

So here I am contemplating the moment of Jesus arrival to claim the Old testament saints and it dawns on me.  Where He is its light.  Where I am, He is.  Where I am it is never dark.  But looking outward from the light– the world looks dark, very dark.  I live in the presence of The Light.  How can the rest fail to look anything but dark in the contrast?  How many times do I have to learn that the physical and spiritual worlds are not so separate or distinct from one another as we make them?  How foolish to sit in the light looking out into the dark and proclaim myself to be in the dark!  I am laughing.

It is time to quit looking out there somewhere for light and do more inviting into the fire-circle!


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