this little light of mine

 driving home from work and it was dreary, wet, dark and wintry. this came on the ipod and i sang along like i was newly saved….again

so come on into the tent, there’s revival a-happenin’ here.

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9 Responses to this little light of mine

  1. drgbrown says:

    WOW! That definitely brought light to my day, thank you! peace

  2. Jude Smithey says:

    What a GEM! And a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning. Mark McCleary told me about this advent journey and I’ve been loving it. Thank you!

  3. wf61 says:

    Crookedshore; you just couldn’t help yourself could ya! Thanks for spreading the faith. Floodgates of other “light” moments may now open. EG Light of day, Blinded, Shut out the light. WHat about “The River” flowing its way into last nights Copenhagen set?

  4. virtualmethodist says:

    He’s not bad! Do you think he’d take the job as our worship director?

  5. Is that Ian Paisley Jr (at about 2 mins 23seconds) ?!!

  6. crookedshore says:

    what a BRILLIANT spot! Please God no!

    I don’t think so, it’s one of the 18 in his seeger sessions band.

    (isn’t it??)

  7. There’s something powerful about songs we normally associate with Sunday School turning up in unexpected places. i always remember being moved when Whitney Houston broke out into Jesus Loves Me towards the end of the film The Bodyguard.

    Unexpected moments of grace and beauty.

    (BTW, I do see what you meant about 2:23)

  8. virtualmethodist says:

    Unexpected moments of grace and beauty… Ian Paisley Jnr… What a wonderful conjunction!

  9. wf61 says:

    Great spot Cheryl but please explain how when watching the Boss, you can notice anyone else?

    If it was Paisley Jun, then Seymour Sweeney may well have bought Dublin’s Point Depot! Maybe its the long lost Causeway visitors centre?

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