joy in the dark

After being introduced to lectio, I often move mentally into Biblical scenes during contemplation.  Today, I wasn’t reading or even in a quiet place.  I was just enjoying a brief moment between a thousand tasks but thinking of abiding with God in the darkness and just waiting for the light.  Then I was someplace else far away in time and place, framed by the doctrines of “descended unto hell” and “led captivity captive.”

To be sitting in that place of waiting surrounded by all the heroes of the faith waiting in the dark, since the garden — Adam waiting, every believer through the years after waiting.  And then as every living believer was mourning the unspeakable loss of Calvary, at that same moment, in this place — the miracle of His appearing.

Everything affirmed, confirmed, made whole in an instant!  Words fail me again.  Today I was briefly at a party in the dark beyond any I have ever known!  Then this evening, a shared moment from a friend taking care of one lonely frightened kid as if he is the most important person on Earth because that is what Grace does. 

He breaks through, over and over again, He breaks through and hell itself resounds with praise and glory, ceases to be hell, and becomes paradise the instant He is present.  peace

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