rush not too quickly

perhaps others hear the voice I hear…

Rush not too quickly through the dark, before the advent light, there is dark.  The manger star shown on a world dominated by Rome and on a people who had waited for generations for their promised One.  They had no 25th marked on the calendar to rush toward.

I am being called to pay attention to the dark.  Old enough not to have forgotten “never again,” I live in the world of Rwanda, Sudan, and the continued oppression of my country’s own aboriginal people.  For all our talk of universal human rights, I have friends in places where to actually believe is to risk severe punishment — some of them are even in the two-thirds world.  For all our celebration of liberty and individual freedom, I live in a time of unbelievable crimes against children and exploitation of those weaker than oneself with pictures freely available to the world in just a click for the ‘pleasure’ of others…

Perhaps I stray too far from our purposes here, thoughts too dark, reminders of a focus on the wrong side’s victories?  I do not know.  Maybe it is the season of my life as well as the season of the year.  But I know the star shines brightest when the sky is blackest.  And I am growing in my love for the God who is already here, abiding, caring, strengthening while I quietly wait — in the dark.

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