naughty or nice…

I listened as a friend told her child ‘Santa only brings presents to good boys and girls’. The friend is a Christian. As my son is now two, I’m seeing Christmas through different eyes as his awareness of the season and the enjoyment of receiving presents grows. As I thought about what my friend said I wondered why Christians say phrases like this to their children. Grace being born into the world yet we still teach our children, in subtle ways like the Santa threat, about the need for behaviour before blessing.

As I make my personal confessions to God, I am once again overwhelmed with His patience and love. Why He continues to want to pursue me with my track record is beyond understanding and so I hope I can learn to become as generous.

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One Response to naughty or nice…

  1. amykaherl says:

    I love this thought. Isn’t grace something so beautiful and so healing and it might be one of the last things we accept as we walk through our faith. Thanks for this post and the reminder of grace.

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