beauty in mercy

    I presided at a funeral yesterday of a dear, dear man.  As part of the commendation there are standard words from our liturgy:

God of us all, Your Love never ends.
When all else fails, You still are God.
We pray to You for one another in our need, and for all anywhere, who mourn with us this day.
To those who doubt, give LIGHT;
To those who are weak, STRENGTH;
To all who have sinned, MERCY;
To all who sorrow, Your PEACE. ….

    At the “ To all who have sinned, Mercy;” part, I had a momentary hitch in my voice, as I had to make my own personal prayer.

     About an hour before I went to the funeral, my son (who lives in my former town, in my former house) called to tell me about another funeral: the man who had put the bomb in my car which detonated upon my opening the door, had died the day before.

    I was not his only victim; others had suffered from his violence.  I had no idea of his story that led him to live as he did.  But I knew that my general prayer for mercy included my plea that God, Who did know his story, would have mercy upon him … and the heartfelt assurance that surely She would and did.

    Here was Beauty for me yesterday.  

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