Long Live the King


Yesterday was the 80th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, the worlds longest serving monarch. I’m in the North of Thailand in Chiang Mai and last night there was quite a celebration. I blogged last week about the pink shirts,however the Kings other favourite colour is yellow. In the centre of the old city last night thousands of people gathered,all wearing yellow. It was easy to spot the farang -foreigners- as we were the only people in other colours.¬† But it didnt matter – there were thousands of yellow lanterns, there were 30 ft portraits of the King, there were fire lanterns floating in the sky and fireworks. An orchestra ( all dressed in yellow of course) entertained the crowd as everyone lined up to get their photo taken with the huge portrait of the King.

It was a beautiful celebration, kids were lighting candles , grandparents were sipping drinks and everyone was smiling – even the traffic cops. There was something beautiful about the whole community coming together to celebrate the Kings birthday ……….. hmmm advent anyone ?

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