Last night I had trouble sleeping. This happens from time to time. Normally it’s a cause for frustration, but last night I lay in my bed and listened.

I heard the wind whipping around the outside of our house. I heard the rain battering the skylight. I could hear the sound of my wife breathing quietly, sleeping beside me. There was the sound of our dog wuffing as she slept.

In the midst of all the noises, I lay listening and I discovered a little bit of unexpected peace. And I slept well.

When I woke this morning, I stepped out the front door and the sky, briefly, was the clearest winter-blue.


About marramgrass

I do a lot. I hope some of it has value. Most of the time I'm Volunteer Co-ordinator with a network of Christian faith-based community projects. Outside of that I write and I photograph, mostly for myself but from time to time for other people as well. Something I've discovered over recent years is that when I think I know the answer, that's generally when I don't. Here I hope to learn from and be inspired by this little hint of community.
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One Response to wakefulness

  1. And last night, for me as well, I awoke and found myself snuggled between my wife on one side, and my 70 pound Lab pushing up against me on the other. It call to mind something like Psalm 139’s musing on God “hemming me in behind and before.” It was a good feeling to be hemmed in with this warmth and love on the first snowfall night of the season.

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