a view from the ark in advent

Last night at the college we were reading the story of Noah and his ark, which to our great loss we relegate to the Sunday school.

We spoke about the flood of darkness and evil that at times seems to overwhelm the world and destroy life.

We spoke of God’s work in restraining evil, how he separated the waters of chaos above the earth from the waters of chaos below, establishing a dry place for human beings to be human.

Of how we are always one step from chaos, kept by the common grace of God, who keeps the waters from submerging us.

We spoke of how the flood was not a random act of violence.

We spoke of how, in Noah’s day the evil and violence of the world felt like an overwhelming flood, and how God gave them over to it.

And how he provided the means to keep people safe through the chaos. In an ark. Shutting them in.

We spoke of how Noah wasn’t alone, but shut in with a community; and that there was no salvation outside of that community.

And of how salvation was also with the animals because their salvation was with and for the whole of creation.

Finally, we spoke of how much faith it takes in our day, in the face of all the apparent evidence, to believe that God will keep his promise and not allow a flood tide of evil to submerge his creation again.

And how these little acts of contributing on TML are subversive acts of defiance against all those who would have us believe that the darkness has won.

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2 Responses to a view from the ark in advent

  1. drgbrown says:

    I love your post and especially the way it ends! Yes, little acts back against the darkness and chaos! I affirm that each post here is lifting me above the daily tide and I am grateful and grateful that through grace we help to lift us all. peace

  2. virtualmethodist says:

    It’s interesting that you posted an item on the ark, as I was going to post one on the rainbow I saw today… I caught sight of it as I crossed the Albert Bridge across the Lagan, leaving Belfast city centre on the way home after a fractious meeting on the issue of Human Rights… When are they anything other… But anyway, I saw that one end of it was resting on the Titanic Quarter (the old shipyard which has now been zoned for major gentrification) and I looked across to see where the other end fell… And there it was, resting on Stormont!
    God must have been having a laugh with me, as I am sceptical as to either of these entities being all that some hope for them… And indeed, as it always does, when I drove on and my point of view changed, the ends of the rainbow seemingly retreated… This time towards north Down, just like most of the Protestant middle classes in their pursuit of the pot of gold…
    The pot of gold, even if it were to be found via the programme for government emanating from Stormont, or from the inward investment into the Titanic Quarter (a name which always inspires hope in me!) is not the source or ground of our hope…
    The rainbow is the product of billions of insignificant droplets of water, each reflecting and refracting the light of the sun in their own particular way… Together producing an effect of dazzling beauty.
    My hope is that together we can reflect and refract the light of the Son to produce an effect of dazzling beauty… And TML is part of that process of reflection and refraction…

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