a little merton

the words just keep returning to my mind…

Make ready for the Christ

Whose smile,

like lightning,

Sets free the song of everlasting glory

That now sleeps,

in your paper flesh,

like dynamite.

That power within us?  How can it be?  What can it mean?  How do we live if we truly believe such a blessed absurdity? 

In every small moment of celebration, I find myself also anticipating a new awareness, a new explosion, of what already is  — still hidden — but already is.      peace

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4 Responses to a little merton

  1. Thank you for the wee bit from Merton. I used it in a funeral yesterday, as exemplification of Paul’s clay jars and treasure within.

  2. drgbrown says:

    Thank you, I am encouraged this morning to know that this little poem which means so much to me was used in a time of need. I am in a period of anticipation of how God is going to shift my own life to be more directly involved in pastoral care myself. peace

  3. Jane Ayer says:

    Hi! Can you kindly tell me what publication contains this guote from Merton? I’d really appreciate it!


  4. drgbrown says:

    I have the source as [Thomas Merton, “The Victory”, A Man in a Divided Sea]. peace

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