Beauty in the bedroom at 4:30 a.m.

I called it “celebrating Shabbat” — at the Pittsburgh Steelers football game (about a 3-1/2 hour drive from my home)  I arrived home at 4:30 a.m.  My wife awoke and talked with me about the game, even though she had to arise in 2 hours to go to work.

I didn’t realize, until later when I awoke and remembered, what a thing of beauty was that gift from her to me.

People didn’t realize in the moment of a leper here and a blind man there, etc. that Isaiah was bursting out around them like a crocus in the desert.  Sometimes we don’t recognize the beauty in the moment.

But it is there.  Sometimes we can only see clearly in the rear view mirror.

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2 Responses to Beauty in the bedroom at 4:30 a.m.

  1. virtualmethodist says:

    My wife often wakes when I come in late… but it isn’t usually to discuss what I have been doing to that late hour…
    Let me make it clear from the outset… My wife Sally is a wonderful and gracious person… much more so than me… but, despite her diminutive size, is not to be trifled with if she is woken from her sleep.
    Well, last Thursday night I came home late (12.10 am) only to find as I approached the door that I had forgotten my keys as I had not taken the car… So I looked in the place where we occasionally leave keys if we realise that someone hasn’t remembered their keys… But there were none there… So in fear and trembling I rang the doorbell… No answer… 3 times… So I used my mobile to phone home… I could hear it ringing clearly, but apparently no-one else could… See, the problem was that Sally had taken two flu-relief tablets and, because of her diminutive size, they had knocked her out… cold… Leaving me out in the cold… Thankfully I was able to get into the garage and made a “nest” (as my younger son later described it) out of two sun loungers and a rather damp blanket…
    And there I slept… Thankfully it wasn’t the coldest night of the winter… And I actually laughed about it…
    When she finally emerged from her coma the next morning Sally was panic struck to find I hadn’t come home, but I had stuck a visiting card through the front door telling her where I could be found… She was so apologetic, but it was actually my fault so there was nothing to apologise for…
    And when I thought back I was glad of the experience (although I think it hasn’t done my cold any good)…
    I was glad if only to have the slightest insight into the experience of the homeless of our city and across the world… Some because of their own fault, some due to the fault of others, but all cold and uncomfortable in infinitely less secure surroundings than I was…
    A mere glimpse of their experience will make me more responsive to their needs…
    And reminded me of some other people who couldn’t find a place to sleep…

  2. culdaff1979 says:

    Having lived in the same manse and having had the same problem of being locked out – I found the only way of waking my wife up was to through pebbles from the front flower bed against the window pane – it worked on at least two occasions!

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