this time last week i was sitting my first set of exams in Sullivan Upper. finally i got my results today. i still have to get results for a number of subjects. i got my science results, my french results and my geography results. i’m quite pleased  as i got above average in all of them. i am quite thankful of getting such good results.

Philippa 🙂

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3 Responses to results

  1. Pádraig says:

    Hi Philippa,
    I haven’t met you, but I’ve heard about you from your dad… I met him when I was your age (or a little younger). That was 20 years ago – but he was a hero of mine then (he’s MUCH older than I am!!) and he’s a hero of mine still.
    Lovely to read your news about the exams – well done! Hope you’ve got some nice friends there too…

  2. martimc says:

    Hi Philippa,
    Congratulations on your exam results! It seems like only yesterday your Mum and I were expecting our babies at the same time (that would be you and my son Michael!) Your Dad was my boss back then! You’ve got good genes my dear – from both your folks – so aim high!!!

  3. Above average grades are to be expected from a far above average lady, with brains, beauty and charm.

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