lost (again) and found (again)

I dropped my purse in a shop on Saturday, only realising when I went to pay for my goods that I didn’t have it. I thought I’d left it somewhere else but while I was on my way to look another customer came running after me to say that she had found it.

Which reminded me of the last time I lost my purse (this a regular occurrence for me) on a train to London the night before I left on holiday this summer. Thankfully I was able to cancel my cards quickly and was holidaying with generous friends so it wasn’t such a bad thing.

 It was only when I returned home a couple of weeks later that I discovered that not only had someone kindly picked up my purse, she had tried to cancel my cards for me (around the same time as I was cancelling them myself) and left her phone number with my bank so that I could make contact with her to have my purse returned.

When I didn’t get in touch she googled my name and emailed me to let me know the purse was in safe hands and asking how she could send it back to me. I couldn’t believe that she went to so much time and effort to track me down, to be so kind to someone she did not know.

Time, effort, undeserved kindness, even love… the marks of the One who keeps looking for me, again and again.

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One Response to lost (again) and found (again)

  1. virtualmethodist says:

    It’s sad that truth and grace come as a surprise to us… Or even as an annoyance! I was getting diesel today and found that the tills were staffed by two of the least competent assistants on the face of this earth… They will have many other laudable qualities but manning tills is not their thing… But just as I was finally getting to the head of a very long queue, a woman who had just left the shop came back in an squeezed ahead of me to inform the assistants that she had paid the wrong amount… a smaller amount than she should have, and that the older lady in front of me was going to be hit for her much larger bill… This of course sent the assistants into a tail-spin, and me, the fine, gracious, truthful Methodist minister that I am, into a huge huff of annoyance that this lady’s honesty was going to hold me up even further. Why could she not just have pocketted the change and done a runner like I presumed 90% of the population would do…
    But on more measured reflection I give thanks for her honesty (as I am sure the elderly lady does)… She didn’t have to do it… But she to be true to herself she did…
    God didn’t have to do it… But to true to himself, he did…

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