Give the ultimate gift of Mac and Leopard ?

I’m fond of Apple – both the fruit and the makers of shiny white/brushed aluminium technology widgets. But this morning I got a promotional email from Apple, with a subject line of

Apple subject line - Give the ultimate gift of Mac and Leopard

Fun, useful, well-engineered, stylish … but not ultimate. The subject line grated as I read it.

I can think of a number of alternatives for ultimate gifts—physical and spiritual—that we could seek to give this Christmas. But Apple products don’t make it to my list.

Talking of gifts and Leopard.

(If you haven’t been following the hype, for the next bit you’ll want to know that “Leopard” is the latest upgrade to the operating system software that runs on Apple computers. A bit like the upgrade from Microsoft XP Vista. Only better. Or worse. But we’ll not discuss that here.)

This time last month, I saw an offer of an unwanted Leopard Upgrade DVD from someone locally who had purchased it, found it wasn’t compatible with their lower spec Mac, and wanted to pass it on.

Two Oxfam Goats for a Leopard

The price? Not cash. Instead, two Oxfam goats for a Leopard! Not quite the ultimate gift, but getting closer!

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