The advent calendar

I’ve always loved advent calendars, but this year, haven’t had the chance to get our advent calendar out. Just too busy actually being – with my parents, visiting from England, and with my not-quite-three-year-old daughter, who’s recovering from an infection which hospitalised her. (A whole different post of gratitude, if I had the courage to write it!) Enjoying presence…

When I was a child, the thrill of an advent calendar  was discovering what new picture lay behind that day’s door. And I didn’t get to open a door every day. The four of us shared a calendar. So we learned to enjoy each other’s pleasure at opening the door, and then, one day in four, we had that special treat of being the person to open the door for the day.

But if someone “accidentally” opened the door on the wrong day, and took someone else’s turn, there was a major process of peace-building to negotiate fair turns for the next few days!

I’m glad of this memory. It reminds me about waiting. Waiting my turn to see God’s promises fulfilled. Waiting for God to save me. It’s a reminder to keep it simple; to learn a little discipline, so I appreciate the good things when they come.

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