From the southwest USA

First I am truly honored to be part of this project.  I met Glenn about 4 years ago when he was travelling the USA invited by the US Government and I was one of his hosts.  Have been in contact ever since.  I am Catholic and Jesus is the center of my life so preparing for the celebration of his birth is a very important time in my life and sharing it with other Christians from all over the globe makes it extra special.

I started preparing last night….by cleaning my house and today I will start decorating.  That is the physical part but later on I will go to Mass and start my spiritual cleansing.  One of my favorite passtimes is to sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament and just chat with God about what is going on in my life and thank God for all his blessings.  At this ripe age of 55 every day to me is a blessing.  Every morning my first words are Thanks…for this new day.

Sometimes I feel not lonely because God is always with me, but alone in my pursuit as a Christian because it is such an important part of my life so being part of this project is extra special.  Thanks….

 On weekends I love to go to the movies, I recommend “August Rush”…about the power of Music and I am a firm believer that music is the language of the soul.  Blessings!

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One Response to From the southwest USA

  1. tobeysowner says:

    love your preparation for Christmas – has encouraged me to begin to do same!!

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