a glimpse

In our church, we’ve been joined since the summer by a student from Canada. This morning was her last Sunday with us, and as a parting gift she sang us a song. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only person there who was completely caught off guard by the beauty of her voice as she sang of the anticipated coming of the Christ-child. Half way through I allowed myself a moment to look around the church: I saw faces quiet in meditation and appreciation of the beauty God gifted us for those few moments.


About marramgrass

I do a lot. I hope some of it has value. Most of the time I'm Volunteer Co-ordinator with a network of Christian faith-based community projects. Outside of that I write and I photograph, mostly for myself but from time to time for other people as well. Something I've discovered over recent years is that when I think I know the answer, that's generally when I don't. Here I hope to learn from and be inspired by this little hint of community.
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