I’ve started today slowly, my border collie let me sleep until 7:30, I let her out for a few minutes then made my way back up to my bed. “I have a cold, it’s Saturday, no problem with a slow start to a day with a full to do list”

I rolled back into a still warm bed, pulled the covers over and looked up at the ceiling. Then is dawned on me – today is the first day in a month of practicing awareness. I felt warmth spread from my chest to my entire body. This is a month of seeing, of reminding myself and others of anticipating the possibility of God breaking into our limited reality once more.

This is a cheat post, I’m writing about what I anticipate, not what I saw or heard, but the warmth I sensed was an old feeling returning, joy bubbling through my body, it’s been a while, last time I remember feeling full of joy was a long downhill ride in North Carolina.

I’m now moving out to prepare for a day of relaxed anticipation, looking, listening, hoping for a glimpse of the hope of Emmanuel.

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One Response to morning

  1. crookedshore says:

    wonderful to be reminded of that hot june day and that thrilling downhill from Mt Mitchell. Remember the pain on the way up? And how quickly we lost the memory of it on the way down. A lifelong memory, Tim, thanks

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