light in a dark room

We were there to see him in his hospital room, eight years old, already unable to move all muscles but his face because of MD, now suffering a setback that threatened to take him from us.  “I just wish he would smile one more time,” his grandmother told us.  Then, my wife, his nurse since birth, went over to him and began to speak to him.  His eyes opened, he recognized her and grinned.  They ‘talked’ and laughed, she with voice, he with eyes.  Then she said, “Oh I wish it wasn’t too late to call you other nurse and tell her you are feeling better.”  He looked sad.  “You want to call her?” Blinked yes!  Grinning on the phone when my wife asked, “Do you want to send her butterfly kisses?”  Eyelids flutter at high speed.  He’s back.

Thank you Beck Weathers on Everest, and now little Eric, for teaching that it is miracle everytime our eyes open!   peace

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2 Responses to light in a dark room

  1. Thank you for that post … moving … at the heart of beauty, indeed.

  2. peregrinatio says:

    thanks Greg, great post.

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