inside on a winter’s night

wind and rain have joined forces and are beating themselves senseless against the house. but we’re all inside, the coal fire is blazing and there is the anticipation of opening a bottle of red.

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2 Responses to inside on a winter’s night

  1. Sounds good. I can picture it, there in your wonderful house.
    Meanwhile, I just ran inside to get the screwdriver to continue working on the 8 feet tall walk through wreath that gets assembled each year and mounted around the front door.
    Our Open House for the Church is 8 days from now. Only 3 (of 18) trees are presently assembled and set up.
    But tomorrow, I will be in the blessed rain and wind (or perhaps even some snow) with a few tens of thousands of my closest friends at the Pittsburgh Steelers football game.
    Now, I’m talking “Glory!”
    As I put finishing touches to sermon tonight, I will be pcituring you and Adrienne snuggled with the red on the couch.

  2. tobeysowner says:

    Monty, we need to get you into a real man’s game…rugby. None of this sappy armour and much bigger hits.

    You should see Christopher, he started mini-rugby this year. Next time you’re over maybe. And we’ll cut you in on the red!

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