Shock Meeting!

Hey Everyone!!

I’m Philippa!

On Tuesday night my mum and I were out at Bloomfield Shopping Centre to get me something for my school work. We couldn’t really spend that much time shopping because we had to pick my brother up from football.

So off we drove to Eddie Irvine’s sportsplex to pick him up. My mum stood and chatted to 2 of his coaches and I was like ” Mum, will you hurry up and stop chatting!!”. So finally I dragged her away from her “conversation” and as we were walking out, of the part of the sportsplex where Christopher plays football, who happens to be there but, Ulster and Ireland rugby player Andrew Trimble!!!! I was so shocked I kind of just stood there in a moment of shock! All my mum says to me is, “Was that………” all i replied was…. “YES!”

I was just in shock! We walked out of Eddie Irvine’s and I just burst out laughing! I had to text my dad’s friend Craig immediately because he knows Andrew Trimble and he teases me soooooooo much because I like him!

Now everytime I think about that I have a quiet laugh to myself!

Philippa xxxxx

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6 Responses to Shock Meeting!

  1. crookedshore says:

    just a little too much enthusiasm there pitzy….get to your bed immediately! You are grounded until you’re 30.

  2. wf61 says:

    Hi Phillipa.

    Who is this Andrew Trimble guy! Is he a footballer?

  3. ulstergal says:

    i mean how can you not know who Andrew Trimble is?? its just wrong!!!! im ashamed of you……….. 😦 😦

  4. wf61 says:

    Don’t be ashamed, I’m just relieved he wasn’t some hidden member of the E Street Band I did’nt know!

  5. Ivetta says:

    He’s just so fine!

    You’re so lucky to meet him, gal:)

  6. WF61 says:

    still don’t know who this geezer Trimble is? Please help!

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