Intro – SheepdogfortheShepherd

Pastor of West Virginia United Methodist Church, whose history with Glenn has its roots in leading short term work teams to East Belfast Mission each summer, going back to 2000.

Looking forward to having my eyes, ears, nostrils, touch, and taste awakened to beauty, during this Advent. 

Thomas remembers Jesus saying, “Know what is in front of your face, and that which is hidden from you will be revealed unto you.” (5:1)

 People of all ages
Are here at the park.
Teens are a’sprinting
Or pacing themselves —
I remember those laps —
When time is locked up
By only two thoughts:
How Much More and How Fast?

There go the elders
Walking, walking
In ones, and twos, and fours.
Are they thinking on memories
Of paths they did run?
Or perhaps thinking ahead
Of only two thoughts:
How Much More and How Fast?

Ah, the young and the old
And all in between
Come to the park
And try to hold on
To times that there were
And are yet to be.
But only find Home
In the Moment of Now. 

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One Response to Intro – SheepdogfortheShepherd

  1. crookedshore says:

    monty my friend, i’m delighted you’re with us. and good practice for that new church blog

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