My own leap.

So I am dragged kicking and screaming into the blog world.  With some shaming by my big brother –  “Hey, you big chicken when you gonna write your intro post on mockingbird’s leap, saw that you were signed up, good job. your overbearing brother”,  I introduce myself to this community.  I am a clinical psychologist in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs.  Husband to Lynette and father to 2 girls and a boy, 7 1/2, 6 and 3.  I am not much of a writer and I certainly don’t slow down to observe very often.  So it is a great irony to be in a community that is trying to be intentional about advent.  While I have finally found home in an anglican community, i was raised without advent at all (except for possibly opening a paper calendar each day leading up to Christmas).  As Greg mentioned, Christmas in church was more about what would happen at Easter than the incarnation.  Without getting into details, I came to love the liturgical church in my late 20’s and traveled the road to Canterbury.  The other irony is that, personally, this is by far the busiest Advent season I have ever faced.  I am in manic mode like never before, just to keep up with the current demands on my time.  Anyway, that is where I am coming from and I am looking forward to “forcing” myself to slow down and observe as I can. 

Now, although this doesn’t officially start for a couple more days, I will share my joy from tonight.  Although I was home early tonight, my son was in bed before I made it home (a far too common occurrence).  Around 10 pm, he was upstairs in bed moaning and whimpering.  I went into his room and was rewarded with the most wonderful smile when he realized Daddy was home.  He crawled out of bed and simply said, “I want to wock (rock).”  Rather than go back downstairs to work, I rocked with him for about 15 minutes, doing my best to focus on the present moment.  He fell asleep in my arms and allowed his workaholic father a period of rest.



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4 Responses to My own leap.

  1. peregrinatio says:

    and he says he’s not a writer, good stuff

  2. crookedshore says:

    my thoughts exactly, Tim

  3. Jeff says:

    Thank you both for encouraging a neophyte.

  4. Hildred says:

    ok, crying … beautifully said, my friend. thanks for the reminder to slow, to be, and to rest. many blessings …

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