Getting Started

I’m Jimmy.  I was honored to be asked by Glenn to be a part of what I believe will be a truly enriching Advent journey.  I am a United Methodist pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, and I met Glenn several years ago when he and Gary came to the Atalnta area and spoke in several United Methodist churches, including the one I was serving at the time.  My current church is in the downtown Atlanta area – now becoming upscale – and is most famous in our Conference for being welcoming to the gay and lesbian community.  We are involved in many other ministries, including strong ministries with homeless persons.

       The Advent Christmas season is always a challenge given the rush in the culture and in the church.  This project is welcome to me because it will push me to be attentive in ways that I expect to be enlivening for my soul.  I am also excited to be part of such a wonderfully rich and diverse community, even if only for a sesaon.  Looking forward to seeing what our surprising God has in store for us this year.

Jimmy Moor 


About glissonite

united Methodist pastor in Atlanta, Georgia. Married to Julie for 35 years, two adult children, and two grandchildren! Love sports, reading - novels, history, politics - and hiking. Native southerner. Considered a progressive, at least in these parts.
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2 Responses to Getting Started

  1. crookedshore says:

    Hey Jimmy, wonderful to hear from you. I love your comment about being ‘pushed’ to be attentive. We sort of expect it should come naturally, but I agree, we, or maybe I should say, I, need pushed and cajoled.

  2. peregrinatio says:

    Jimmy – looking forward to it, I’m a friend of Kimberly’s (former associate pastor) and I know how deeply she loves this church and the myriad ways that God breaks into your midst – peace

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