To the couple drinking tea

Forgive me for watching as I waited in line to place my order… It was the warmth of your face as you waited which caught my eye, your look of expectancy as your gaze followed your partner, husband, friend (perhaps he was all three) as he moved between the tables to finally reach you. For both of you grey hair and the soft lines on your face spoke of wisdom and suggested many stories to be shared – some happy, perhaps some sad. But the smile that lit up your face, filling your eyes with joy, when he finally reached the table with tea and sweet treats, spoke of love and tenderness – a secret shared moment, oblivious to the chaos and crowds all around you.

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2 Responses to To the couple drinking tea

  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for sharing. I can see them. peace

  2. lilytodd says:

    Beautiful x

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