the discipline of pausing, of noticing…


I’m already glad to have joined with others on this journey. I’m an activist, not very good at watching, at noticing, at pausing to appreciate the moments of wonder and beauty. I always need others to help me on my way.

Yesterday was a reminder why i’m enjoying getting the bus to work. It is a discipline. In many ways its easier to drive, but the time to be still, to notice, and to read are huge benefits. The crisp coldness and moments of stillness sitting waiting for the bus has been little oasis at the start of the day.

Walking to the office I noticed a man coming towards me – probably 20-30 years my senior. Dressed in a suit as opposed to my more casual approach, a leather laptop bag instead of my canvas one. As we looked at each other – bags over same shoulder, supermarket carrier bag with our lunch held in the same hand, we smiled at each other realising a moment of connection on a busy street and that we weren’t so different after all.

It’s amazing how your mood changes in being intentional, in trying to notice what is going on around – people not just bustle, choosing to go without my ipod to soak in the sounds of the city. Finishing the day off in front of the fire with some good friends, with conversation and laughter evaporating thoughts of watching a movie or playing cards made me think of Van Morrison’s line – ‘wouldn’t it be great of it was like this all of the time’. But if it was would we lose the sense of anticipation, of wonder?

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One Response to the discipline of pausing, of noticing…

  1. Greg says:

    ‘wouldn’t it be great of it was like this all of the time’ Ahh, but we would have to figure out what ‘it’ is wouldn’t we? Is ‘it’ the way things are, or the way we are feeling about the way things are? Maybe something else all together? I look forward to reading as you explore! peace

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