into the storm

The other day, the wind blew in across the lough from the  east, ruffling up turbulent white crests on water coloured a menacing blue-grey under the low cloud. The wind whined under my front door and chilled the sea-facing rooms in the house as I huddled up to the fire for the first time this winter. People hurried past my house, clad in warm coats, with numb faces. Occasional bouts of rain slanted across my window-panes as the afternoon wore on. Dusk came early and out there on the Copeland Islands, the lighthouse began its long, regular probe into the gloom. These are some of my favourite moments, savouring the weather from indoors in a way I rarely want to do in the outdoor warmth of summer, watching freighters head out of the lough into the storm, hearing the invisible wind, keeping the fire well lit, sensing the hours go by.     


About philip55

i have been doing this blog for a week or two now and enjoying it. i live in carrickfergus, county antrim in northern ireland and i work as freelance writer and researcher these days, currently doing a project for the centre for contemporary christianity in ireland on working-class loyalist culture and its relationship with the church.
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One Response to into the storm

  1. marramgrass says:

    The first fire of the winter is one of those moments that I love to savour, when home lights up and warms up is a special time.

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