Joining the fold

Hey everyone, I’m Cate. I live in Los Angeles, do film editing for TV, and I’m happy to have been invited to join this group. Glenn said I should introduce myself, so here goes.

I truly believe that God reveals himself to me in the quiet, meditative, contemplative moments in my life. Any time I read any Thomas Merton I know he’s right. But here’s the rub: I never make time for these quiet moments. And because it’s so easy to get caught up in our lives, in the busy-ness of work and so forth, one has to schedule this quiet time because it never happens on its own. For me at least. Yes, I take a few minutes before bed and throughout the day to say some prayers, but I do a whole lot of talking and not nearly enough listening.

So during Advent this year, and through posting on this blog, I’m going to do my best to start making time for contemplation and general “paying attention to the details”-ness. And I’m certainly looking forward to reading what everyone else’s experiences are.

We Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday – it seems my list of things to be thankful for is always growing: I’ll have to add this community to it!



About Cate

I live in Los Angeles, I do film editing stuff for TV & movies.
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2 Responses to Joining the fold

  1. crookedshore says:

    Cate, glad you could join us. what an amazing thing this web is connecting people all over the place to find we share so many common experiences of what it is to be human in our world.

    happy thanksgiving for tomorrow. i hope to be celebrating it with some of your fellow citizens in Belfast.

  2. Greg says:

    Welcome and all the best as you pursue moving into more disciplined quiet. It really is foreign to our American culture. Do you also know of Brother Lawrence and Practicing the Presence of God? Might be something you would like.

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