i will take a moment

I find myself in this conversation hoping to see something different about this holiday season with new eyes to see and re-imagining what it might be like to celebrate the Advent season with a fresh perspective. I am a graduate student at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California though I am originally from the mitten state of Michigan (where it actually snows and becomes real cold…haha). I get the opportunity to study theology and culture and how one can combine the two. One might think being in Seminary would offer a whole new perspective on Christmas but I think when it comes to a break in my schedule I want to run from all things Theological. So here is to hoping for a fresh perspective and the still soft beauty of why I continue to search after Christ.


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2 Responses to i will take a moment

  1. Greg says:

    Welcome, I know the discussion is supposed to start in December. But, the intros keep pulling me in now. I’m home schooling in theology and right now I suspect that if you run from “all things Theological” you may just find Him running beside you. peace

  2. amykaherl says:

    Thanks for the reminder. It’s so true. I was just thinking of that this morning as I was thinking that even though I want to forget the reminders are everywhere. I want to remember this holiday season so I am looking forward to see with new eyes…

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