dim those jesus-lights

I was looking out of my window, expecting the usual nocturnal vista – black sea, black sky and a coastline on the far side of the lough pierced through with pricks of light from houses, roadways, car headlight lamps. Then suddenly, everything was  changed. Carrickfergus Borough Council had erected its display of Christmas lighting, stretching along the Marine Highway from the Castle, which consisted of a series of gigantic, identikit, abstract neon forms, not unlike the inverted treble clefs from some demented carol, that hang from the serried rows of lamp-posts and are clearly meant to remind us all that the Messaiah’s birthday is due, in all its gaudiness and glitter. So here is my November prayer – ‘Someone fade the Jesus-music; someone dim the Jesus-lights. Oh Lord, let the lough voice its own winter song of tides and gull-cries and half-seen shorelines out of the deepest darkness.’     


About philip55

i have been doing this blog for a week or two now and enjoying it. i live in carrickfergus, county antrim in northern ireland and i work as freelance writer and researcher these days, currently doing a project for the centre for contemporary christianity in ireland on working-class loyalist culture and its relationship with the church.
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One Response to dim those jesus-lights

  1. Greg says:

    Amen, I join you in your prayer. peace

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