Missing the point

I love to look at the stars – I go out into the back garden and simply stand there looking heavenward. I think the neighbours realized I was a tad odd years back! A couple of years ago on a holiday in France with friends it was pointed out to me that satellites could be seen orbiting and Big Al and I lay on loungers at midnight searching the sky, spotting two that night. Since then I have often stood looking upwards wondering what direction is best to look for that ‘wandering star’.

One night it hit me – I was gazing at the glory and majesty of space, looking for a manufactured clump of metal, to say ‘wow, a satellite’. Woman dear, how stupid can you be!!!?

Coming up to Christmas I have often longed that that warm glow of expectancy that I had many years ago (or is it just nostalgia?). But again I’m looking for something we’ve made (the smells, sounds, atmosphere) when I should be looking beyond to the Maker.

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One Response to Missing the point

  1. drgbrown says:

    Be not too hard. Is it not miraculous indeed that man can throw his ball across the heavens? No comparison to stars and meteors I agree. But I take the magic wherever it breaks through. When it is the imitation star of some over funded space boys toys, I still say enjoy it all. Its just a different mriacle.

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