My friend Mike Riddell introduced me to the work of the late James K Baxter – New Zealands unofficial poet laureate and I loved this little verse about miracles was great as we all try to be attentive to the daily miracles fo grace around us.

Miracles are needed
Miracles of nourishment
Miracles of sharing
Miracles of healing
But as we may suppose that
the age of miracles is past,
though sudden miracles
surround us like blackberries
in the bushes in autumn !

James K Baxter

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One Response to Miracles

  1. Scott Baxter says:

    Thanks for sharing that poem, I too have come across the writings of Baxter and know Mike also. Baxter was an incredibly deep writer, thinker and poet and never seem to get enough of reading of his works. He was a paradox in may areas but I think the man truly tried to make a difference.

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