Breathing… Now where does that come from? And where does it go?

I’m an Irish Presbyterian. All talk and no contemplation. Praying recently with an Irish Catholic, I’ve started noticing how wordy and fidgetty I am, how unaccustomed to receiving each breath as a gift, and giving it back as a prayer. God’s fresh air is starting to permeate my whole being, like the oxygen journeying from nose to lungs into the haemoglobin in every depth and extremity of my body. If that sort of life gets into me… well, who knows where it will go?

I’d best get back to my shallow breathing light-headedness. Things to do, people to save, worlds to change. Scared if I pay too much attention I’ll realise how unimportant I am.

Oh! too late.

Thanks for inviting me to Attend.

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3 Responses to Inspiratio

  1. crookedshore says:’re welcome cheryl.

    who knows where it will go? is right on the money. But there are undiscovered ways out there just waiting for expectant pilgrims.

  2. wf61 says:

    Irish Presbyterian prays with Irish Catholic, who’d have thought it!

    Next you’ll be telling me that Ian Paisley & Martin McGuinness will be sending out Christmas cards.

    “we’re livin in the future & none of this has happened yet”

  3. crookedshore says:

    ‘trust none of what you hear, and less of what you see (because) this is what will be.’ Magic.

    …as the great man once said

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