Stop. Look. Listen.

There are many elements to my character I’m not proud of. One of them is that I find it difficult to not say “yes” — leading to a ridiculous busyness that seems to even get in the way of itself. The day job keeps me going; the little sidelines are fun but often include missed deadlines; the writing I throw at the world on my blog becomes inane as I discover that all my words get taken up by paid work and when I sit down to write for me (which is all I ever hoped for that site) it’s become a drudge and the best I can do is chuck out a daft pun or another dull post about computers or gadgets; my understanding of ‘important’ gets skewed; relationships suffer…

Of course the other side of it is that I’m privileged in many ways: the people I encounter everyday, the comfort of my life, the opportunities I’m given and the experiences I find. I say “yes” because I can, and that’s not a state to be taken for granted.

But in my busyness, what do I miss?

Through the season of Advent we commit to seeking to notice the wonder around us, the ‘beauty and grace’ that God showers on the world whether we see it or not — he’s like that. Which will mean lifting my head from the busyness in front of me, looking around and allowing my awareness to breathe.

I’m glad we’re on this journey together.


About marramgrass

I do a lot. I hope some of it has value. Most of the time I'm Volunteer Co-ordinator with a network of Christian faith-based community projects. Outside of that I write and I photograph, mostly for myself but from time to time for other people as well. Something I've discovered over recent years is that when I think I know the answer, that's generally when I don't. Here I hope to learn from and be inspired by this little hint of community.
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One Response to Stop. Look. Listen.

  1. crookedshore says:

    welcome to the merry band Mr Grass! did you blog this from that iPhone of yours?

    looking forward to learning with you this Advent.

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