learning to see

Looking foward to an Advent of practicing the possibilities of seeing. I’m a professor in a small United Methodist seminary in Ohio. Last week, I spoke to students about the desert Abbas and Ammas understanding ascetic practice as slowly learning to see (hear, taste, …). The disciplines offered ways for renewing spiritual/physical senses occluded by the Fall.

This is a wonderful idea, looking forward to beginning on December 1, until then I’ll work on polishing my spectacles.

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3 Responses to learning to see

  1. crookedshore says:

    go easy on them now…you don’t want to scratch the lens. Welcome peregrinatio. Looking forward to sharing Advent in your company.

  2. tobeysowner says:

    looking forward to sharing dogwalking tales during advent!!

  3. jrlaw3n2 says:

    Tim, I’d love to have heard your lecture on Abbas and Ammas in the desert. I saw pics of you recently via some of Glenn’s postings after the bike ride. I also have enjoyed Carmina Gadelica which you recommended. Just finished teaching 8 weeks of evening classes on Celtic Christianity and thought of our conversations often.

    I hope you are prepared for a great Thanksgiving. Remember you are welcome here anytime. Renee Lawrence, Port St. Lucie

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